How To Play Tennis -- Smart, Winning Tennis That Is.


For new players wanting to learn how to play tennis, the focus is totally on learning how to hit the ball with the different strokes. Of course, that's necessary and tennis coaches all over the world can be seen teaching students how to play tennis by feeding ball after ball as they give insructions on stroke techniques.

But somewhere in the developmental process of learning how to play tennis, tennis coaches must begin teaching people how to play smart winning tennis. In other words, students need to be taught to not just hit the ball. To actually win tennis matches, they need to learn how to play winning tennis. Which means they have to start learning tennis strategy.

I like to compare the game of tennis to the game of chess. Obviously, chess is not a physical game but tennis and chess are similar in that they are both very strategic games in which one side moves and then the other side makes a counter move.

But, when you learn how to play chess, all the focus is on where the chess piece should be moved. It doesn't make any difference in the slightest how you moved the piece there, whether you lifted it high or low, or with one hand or two.

But, when a tennis coach teaches you how to play tennis the focus is exactly the opposite. It's on how to hit the ball ( move the piece) with much less emphasis on where the ball (piece) should be hit ( moved to). In other words, the tennis coaches are not necessarily teaching you to play smart winning tennis. And to win tennis matches you need to be a smart tennis player.

The truth is that if you can hit the ball in the right place it doesn't make any difference what you looked like unless you're trying to win style points instead of tennis matches.

Look at all the books on tennis instruction. You'll notice they're all about tennis technique. That's why at every  tennis club in the world there are always a few players who may not look that good but who have learned how to play smart winning tennis. And you know what? They end up beating a lot of players who look better and have better tennis technique.

The truth is that if you want to learn how to play tennis --winning, smart tennis that is-- you're going to have to study the strategic aspect of the game.

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 Smart winning tennis

Hello Glenn,

I love your Ebook INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES. I read it once a month at least. I have probably read it 6 times. I am a 4.0 club player and consider these strategies my blueprint.


Rich Adams,


 Glenn Sheiner M.D. (aka the TennisDoc)