Recommend  INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES  To Your Tennis Friends And Make Easy Money! 


My book is all about tennis strategies and tactics that are guaranteed to make you a savvier ,smarter, and better player! So, to improve your tennis game fast, read my book  INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES  and get on the court and start using my tactics and tips. You'll be amazed.


       Now Here's How To Make Money!

I want to explain how you can become my partner and make money merely by buying my book and recommending it to your tennis friends.

You see the world of publishing is changing dramatically. The hottest trend is to provide quality information in digital format. This way you, the buyer, can get instant information the moment you want it delivered to you on your computer.

And just as you have bought my book, there are tons of other tennis players that could benefit from buying the book and incorporating my ideas.




Here's how it works in brief.

Just keep reading and I'll show you  how to make a 50% commission on the sale of each book.  You and I will both make around $7.36 on the sale of each book that you have recommended to your friends, tennis club pals, or anybody who wants to improve their game fast by becoming a smarter player.

And the beauty is that everything will be automated.





Here's the way the Ebook business works.


In this case, I've written an Ebook called INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES. You, as what's called an affiliate, will recommend the book in email, put up a text ad or a banner, or a just a link to my site. The buyer will read your email or maybe by browsing your site, will see the ad, click on the link, and be taken to my web site.


 Next, the buyer will eagerly purchase my book online using his or her credit card. He or she will download the book and get instant access to it and all of its great strategies and tips.


 Now let's trace the money trail.


The credit card will be processed by a company called CLICKBANK, one of the largest and most reputable online credit card processing companies. They will verify the credit card, take their percentage, and then ultimately send me a check in 2 weeks.






That's right! You and I become 50-50 partners for all the books sold that result from your links.


Here's how it works.



Just like a company that offers commission to their sales people, I am able through CLICKBANK (the credit card processing company) to offer a commission as well. And, on the sale of my book INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES the commission is 50%.


That means that you and I split the proceeeds on any books sold through your links.


So, for every book sold from links in your email or on your site, you and I will split approximately $14.72 (that's approx. $7.36 each).



You and I both get paid by the same company CLICKBANK so there's no question of any shenanigans. (although I hope by now that you realize that I like to teach and educate people and not take advantage).



The crucial question then is:


How does CLICKBANK know that the buyer came from your site or email and that you should get a commission?






I'm going to teach you how to sign up to be a Clickbank affiliate. Really this means that you will be registered to receive commission on the sales of INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES. It's simple, free, and takes less than 5 minutes!


Now, here's the other critical thing. After you register at CLICKBANK, they give you some simple code that you put in the link to my site.



This code allows CLICKBANK to know that the buyer came from your site or email and that you should get the commission.



Right now I'm going to give you the specific steps to take in order to become a partner of mine and instantly be able to start making money by recommending my Ebook INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES to others.



I recommend that you print out this page and just go through the steps one at a time. It should take you less than 10 minutes. If you have any trouble you can email me at



STEP 1. Go to


STEP 2. Click on PROMOTE PRODUCTS on the left hand side.


STEP 3. You'll see a listing of nine categories.  Click On SPORTS AND RECREATION.


STEP 4. You'll see another list of 9 categories. Click on TRAINING.


STEP 5. Scan down the list of book titles until you come to INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES AND TACTICS (earn 50%). Currently INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES is #15 on page 2.


Click on EARN 50%.


STEP 6.  You'll be taken to a box asking for Clickbank nickname. Since you don't have one yet click on


No Nickname? Click HERE to sign up first.   It's Free.


STEP 7.  Fill out the contact information and choose a nickname. After all Clickbank wants to know where to send the checks. If you're interested read the Paycheck Policy but I'll explain a few things for you further down.


After you choose your nickname and press submit, Clickbank will send you an email confirming your nickname and giving you your password to log in.



STEP 8.  Go back to step 6 either by going backwards in your browser or by starting over and get to the sign-in  box asking you for your Clickbank nickname. Since you now have a nickname, enter it.


STEP 9.  Clickbank will give you the link to use on your site that will take someone to my site. Here's an example. Let's say that you chose Wimbledon as your nickname. Then the link Clickbank will give you to use on your site is:




STEP 10.  Now that you have your nickname and password that Clickbank emailed you, go back to Clickbank's home page ( and click on login in the top right hand corner. 


Log in using your nickname and password.


You'll be taken to a page which will list your account sales which will be zero since you haven't yet started.


Scroll down this page all the way towards the bottom until you get to:




on the second line click on




Scroll down until you get to PAYCHECK PREFERENCE which will probably be set at $100.


I recommend you change this to $10. Don't forget to press SAVE CHANGES on the left-hand side of the page. This is the minimum amount you must have in your account before Clickbank sends you a check. So, if you keep it at $100 you won't get a check until you have $100 in sales. $10 is the minimum they allow.


A few other small points. Clickbank pays every 2 weeks and holds a small percentage from all checks in the event of refunds. And Clickbank takes off $2.50 for each paycheck they send.



AND THAT'S IT. It's much easier than it sounds and you can do everything in a few minutes.





Just a few short words on ways to increase the amount of commission that you receive.



Research has shown a number of ways that you can increase your commission sales of INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES.




1.  If you have a newsletter, ezine, or a blog you can make much more money by recommending INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES to your readers. Remember to always use your Clickbank link.


2. Use a text ad on your web site instead of just a link. For example you could put on your web site:




Make this a link to my site with your code and the number of buyers will increase dramatically.



3. Display the ads or links high up on the pages of your web site and consider putting them on every page.



These are just a few ideas to help you make more money.




I'm really looking forward to partnering up with you.


Until then,


Great tennis,


Glenn Sheiner M.D. -  ( AKA The TennisDoc)