Mental Tennis -- The Art Of Tennis Mental Toughness


One of the keys to improving your tennis game is improving your mental tennis game and your tennis mind.

Almost every player has had the experience of hitting certain shots beautifully in practice but then being unable to play as well in matches.

Obviously, this isn't a physical or stroke technique issue since you can hit the shots in practice. No, it's your tennis mind, and more specifically your subconcious tennis mind, sending you negative messages.


The Goal Of Mental Tennis Is To Develop Tennis Mental Toughness


One of the best ways to develop tennis mental toughness is to talk to yourself during matches when you feel yourself tightening up. Basically, you're trying to overpower your subconscious inner voice which is controlling your tennis mind, sending you negative messages. At this point you need a kind of tennis mental toughness.

So, if you find yourself tightening up and not following through on your strokes when you're in a close tennis match, you need to develop a specific mesage to keep repeating to yourself.

For example, you might repeat over and over to yourself "Follow through all the way". Or maybe you might say "Follow Throoooooooooooooooooo.......". By exaggerating the end of the word you will probably exaggerate the end of the stroke.

To develop tennis mental toughness you have to experiment with phrases that work specifically for you.


Using Visualization To Develop Mental Toughness In Tennis


Another way to improve your mental tennis game and to improve your tennis mind, is to use the same visualization techniques that high level athletes use.

If you find yourself tightening up, then in between points, visualize yourself being loose and hitting the perfect shot. Keep repeating this image over and over in your mind. Next thing you know you'll be ripping winners all over the place.

Developing your tennis mental toughness is just one aspect in improving your tennis game. Another critical aspect is learning all about tennis tactics and strategies. To improve your knowledge of tennis tactics check out my Ebook INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES . It's guaranteed to improve your tennis mind and your tennis game and get you winning more matches now.



Glenn Sheiner M.D. ( aka The TennisDoc)



   I recently purchased your e-book. I have read it and continue to study the concepts you've laid out therein. I feel the wealth of information in this book is intriguing and quite practical. It will take a while for me to be completely sensitive to the subtleties of the strategic game but this has been a real eye opener.

 I've read many books and although they too have a wealth of information, none has been as comprehensive and practical as this. Furthermore, I feel that these books do not directly address the strategic aspect of the game, instead focusing on the mental side (wide and narrow focus, anger management on court etc.).

 I'd like to thank you for the information in the book which, in the short time I've had it, has given me a greater understanding of the "chess match" that is tennis. As you state in the book, it has given me another level of enjoyment for the game. 

 I'd like to thank you again for your book.  

Robert Matias Jr.
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Lebanon, PA 17042 


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