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 Of The Top Male Tennis Pros...

I'm Dr. Glenn Sheiner, the author of INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES and also the creator of the world's top Tennis Cartoon Screensaver. I've compiled a free report on the actual equipment that top male pros are currently using. 

Here Are Just A Few Of The Fascinating Facts I Uncovered: 

  • You might be surprised at the low string tensions that a lot of the top pros play with, especially if you remember reading about the incredibly high string tensions used by Borg and Sampras.

  • You might never have tried the new polyester strings that are widely used on the pro tour. 

  • You may not know what hybrid stringing is and how popular this stringing technique is amongst the top pros. 

  • You may not know that the racket your favorite pro is playing with may look like the racket you bought at the store but may actually be completely different.

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