Diamond Tennis Bracelet


A diamond tennis bracelet is a classic piece of jewelry, and like all classics is never out of style.

Tennis bracelet is actually a misnomer since the bracelets really have nothing to do with tennis. Click to read about the origin of the term tennis bracelet .

Diamond Tennis bracelets are made up of a row of diamonds set into either a gold or silver setting. This gives the diamond tennis bracelet  the appearance of a chain of diamonds encircling  the wrist.

The set diamonds reflect light at many different angles and produce an incredible amount of sparkle. The sparkle makes these tennis bracelets a very popular accessory although you really won’t see them often on tennis courts!

Instead they make very popular gifts.

Often you’ll see listings of diamond tennis bracelets for sale and you’ll see references to the number of carats  of the diamond.                                                         


A carat is the name  of the  measurement that is  used to describe the weight or mass or weight of a gem. The term carat was initially applied to diamonds only. Now it applies to most precious and semi-precious stones.

Some diamond  jewelry items are designed with many small diamond chips. In these cases, the carat measurement may evaluate total carat weight , rather than giving specific measurements of each small diamond chip. Small chips are far much cheaper  than single larger carat diamonds because small chips  are more common.

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