The Princess Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet


The princess cut is a way to cut diamonds. Basically, it is way to cut diamonds in a shape other than round.


Prior to the princess cut, a type of cut called a step cut was used for square and oblong diamonds. The princess cut is essentially a square version of the round brilliant cut.


The Princess Cut was first developed in 1964 and it’s invention is credited to M. Weistreich, a Belgian diamond cutter also responsible for the development of the King Diamond Cut.

The princess cut produces extra faceting and yields a diamond that is more naturally brilliant and sparkly than an ordinary square diamond.


The traditional square cut diamond tended not to have multiple facets. It is the extra facets in the Princess cut that produces the extra brilliance and sparkle.


Some settings tend to be more attractive with a square diamond. For example, the typical tennis bracelet may benefit from each diamond being a Princess Cut Diamond.

As well, certain diamonds in rough form are most ideal for shaping as a Princess Cut Diamond. Because there are a greater number of rough diamonds in the market, the Princess Cut Diamond tends to be slightly less expensive.

Shallow stones do not work particularly well with the Princess cut. Another disadvantage of the Princess Cut Diamond is that the faceted corners on the top of the diamond may be slightly weaker if they are very thin. This may make the diamond  more susceptible to damage. Frequently. Diamond setters  will mount a Princess Cut Diamond in a fashion that protects the four corners of the stone to try to and minimize damage to the points.

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