Very few club players really understand tennis strategy. That's why so many players at the local clubs can look great one day and then look poor the next day when they play an opponent who is adept with tennis stategies.

Now, to be sure there are singles tennis strategies and doubles tennis strategies but when you learn the concepts then you can apply them to either singles or doubles.

I've always been amazed at how matches can be totally turned around by a change in tactics. The key to a winning tennis strategy is to have multiple plans and execute the plan that works best against that particluar opponent. And this is true whether or not you're talking about singles strategies or doubles strategies.

For example, Roger Federer right now obviously has terrible trouble with Rafael Nadal on clay. In fact, he's never beaten him, and just yesterday lost again in the finals of the 2007 Monte Carlo tournament.

Everybody who follows tennis recognizes that the matchups are bad for Federer. Nadal is lefthanded and hits an incredibly heavy topspin ball which bounces very high to Federer's one handed backhand. No matter what tennis strategy Federer has tried so far, whether it's slice backhands or topspin backhands, it hasn't worked. He cannot beat Nadal if he allows Nadal to execute his simple but lethal tennis strategy  --  that is continuing to pound topspin forehands into the Federer backhand until he either gets an error or a short ball. Of course, every once in a while, Nadal will rip the ball into Federer's forehand side.

If I were Federer's coach I would explore any options to reduce the effectiveness of Nadal's winning strategy.

I would advise Roger to cheat on his positioning to stand even more on his backhand side. This would make it easier for Federer to run around Nadal's shots and hit forehands instead of backhands. Of course, this exposes Federer's forehand side but you have to give something up when you guard against something.

But, Nadal's favourite shot is the crosscourt forehand. So, by reducing it's effectiveness, you are forcing Nadal to go to his second favourite shot --the inside out forehand.

And, forcing an opponent to go to his second or third option, is the essence of my system for teaching winning tennis strategy.

So, let's see what Federer does in the months leading up to the French Open this year.

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