Tennis Tactics And Tennis Strategies To Help You Improve Your Tennis Game


Tennis tactics and tennis  strategies are one of the least understood and least discussed aspects of competitive tennis.

Even at the professional level the announcers rarely make more than superficial remarks about the tactics in tennis and the strategies that the tennis pros are using in trying to win their matches. Occasionally, you get  very insightful commentators like Brad Gilbert or Jim Courier. Both Gilbert and Courier relied on outsmarting their opponents by using tennis tactics and strategies to create advantages for themselves.

One of the basic elements of tactics in tennis matches is to figure out what your opponents' favourite shots are. For example, you might play a match against one player who likes to kick every serve to the backhand. Or, another player may like to hit inside-out forehands. A third player may like to chip and charge your second serve.


Use Tennis Tactics And Strategies To Neutralize Your Opponents' Favourite Shots


As you compete against each of these players, you must figure out tactics to use in the tennis match to neutralize the pattern. And, the really savvy tennis player will have at his disposal a multitude of tactical patterns and strategies to use.

For example, if you're playing a match against a player who likes to hit inside-out forehands you might try to hit the ball wide to the forehand. If you're playing the kick-serving opponent, you might change your starting return position to make it easier to handle the kick.

Against the player who chips and charges your second serve, you might try to go for less on the first serve to get a higher percentage of serves in play.

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