Tennis Tips --  Five Quick Tips On Tennis To Help Your Tennis Game


Here are five tennis playing tips to help you with your tennis game. These tips on tennis will help you with your strokes. If you want to learn all about tennis tactics and strategies, then check out my Ebook Insider Tennis Strategies. I guarantee that you'll find it helpful or you get every penny ( and it's only $17 ) back!


Five Tennis Playing Tips To Help You Improve Your Tennis Game


Tennis Playing Tip 1

Work on your strokes in slow motion at home. Make sure that every part of the stroke is in rhythm and feels very smooth and loose.


Tennis Playing Tip 2

Make sure that every ball you hit has a specific target. Even if you are just hitting the ball back to your partner at the net in warm-up, aim for either his right hip or his left hip, for example. This will train your brain and your muscle memory to be able to hit specific targets.


Tennis Playing Tip 3

Learn to have certain cues to help you with your strokes. For example, you might tell yourself to turn your shoulder or your hip as your initial movement when the ball comes to you. In matches, when the pressure is on, everybody gets tight and less fluid. By talking to yourself, you can increase your chances to stay loose and fluid.


Tennis Playing Tip 4

When you're hitting the ball focus on fluidity and using both your upper body and your lower body. Too many players are just arm hitters and don't use the lower body well.


Tennis Playing Tip 5

Use practice time intelligently. When you go to the courts always have something you're working on --perhaps a shot you don't hit well now but know that you need.

For example, you might want to improve your slice serve. So, when you're warming up or playing practice points, make it a point to try to hit some slice serves. Even if you can't do it properly yet, it's important to keep experimenting until you get a better understanding of the shot. 


I hope these 5 tips for tennis will help you improve your game.

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