Natural Gut Tennis Strings

The history of natural gut tennis string dates back over 100 years. The first set of natural gut tennis strings was actually manufactured by Pierre Babolat in 1875.

Natural gut has always been considered the top tennis string and, traditionally, has been used by most tennis pros. Gut tennis strings provide excellent power and are very easy on the elbow and shoulder

Because of the expense of gut strings, many recreational players have been using cheaper synthetic gut tennis strings over the past 30 years. Even those the strings are called synthetic gut or syngut, the synthetics are made out of other materials.

Natural gut is made from cow intestines. Specifically it is made from the serosa of the intestines.

The collagen found in serosa has a molecular structure designed to accomodate the stretching and contraction actions of the intestine. Collagen is a good source for a tennis string because collagen is an elastic type of tissue.