Synthetic Gut Tennis Strings


Synthetic gut tennis strings were initially developed in the 1970's as a more economical replacement for natural gut. The original synthetic gut strings were much less expensive than gut strings but still offered good playability and durability. These strings were produced from ribbons of nylon.

Synthetic gut strings gained popularity and became the most common type of string used by recreational tennis players.

To increase the elasticity and therefore the playability of these strings, manufacturers began to produce what is known as multifilament strings. The original monofilament strings were composed of a solid core of nylon encased in a thin outer cover. The newer multifilaments are manufactured from hundreds of individual fibers woven together to create a uniform piece of string. Then a protective, feel-enhancing coating is applied. In some instances, a manufacturer puts on a second layer of coating, enhancing the feel of the string.

Today, many top pros strings with what are called hybrid tennis strings.